equipment-1OUR PROMISE
We promise that the the job will be completed to your satisfaction and the structural restoration of your vehicle will meet the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

We use the best collision repair equipment in the industry to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Wireless Computer Technology for Precision Repair
You want your vehicle repaired right – the first time. And so do we. That’s why we use the Kansas Jack and Spanesi computerized measuring system. It takes the guesswork out of repairing your vehicle and assures you of picture perfect results.

As lasers precisely measure the damaged sections of your vehicle, a computer compares those measurements to your vehicles correct measurements. Hidden damage precisely identified so you’ll know exactly what repairs are needed before work begins. Along with your estimate, you get a printout showing your vehicles damage, which means no more costly surprises during the repair process.

equipment-11The proof is in the pulling….
We use the Kansas Jack and Spanesi systems for unmatched repair precision.

No other collision repair system offers the precision of the Kansas Jack, which is why there’s no better way to have your vehicle fixed.

In collisions, even ones that seem minor, the whole vehicle can be involved. That’s why we start each job with a thorough inspection to find all the damage, including hidden damage. After all, we know you don’t want any surprises down the road.

We then repair your vehicle using the Kansas Jack exclusive multiple pulling method. All the damaged areas are pulled out simultaneously with gentle pressure, reversing the effects of the collision. Dents disappear. Bent sections are straightened. In fact, your vehicle will look so good and work so well, you may forget there was an accident.

From initial estimate to final repair, we’ll handle your vehicle with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Best of all, we’ll return it to you “as good as new.”

It’s your peace of mind. And it’s our promise.